My own design: sewing a Kilt as minidress


last year I sewed this mini dress.


I like this dress very much.

I dont know how I got the idea to combine this dress and a kilt. LOL

Maybe I’ve seen a kilt or a pleated skirt on the internet. I dont remember hehe

I searched the net for tutorials and pics of how to make a kilt.

The fantastic woolen and the leather straps I found at Ebay UK. For the Kilt only I needed nearly 3 yards 😮

At first I shorten my pattern.

I sewed it the same way like my “old” mini dress. Then I sewed the kilt and put both together.


kilt 2a

kilt 5


to make my Kilt more realistic I added leather straps. They are just decoration because the fabric “under” this front is 10 inches longer. So no reason to “fear” storm and wind when wearing it without trousers hehe

kilt 6

For sewing special projects like bags or this dress I ordered a brass stamp with my logo to put on leather.

Yes, it has been expensive but I love it

I still have to find a way to sew these small leather pieces. It isnt perfect with hand sewing 😦 and it hurts because the leather stripes has been thick

kilt 4

I made another Kilt minidress with this blue/green colors. But I still have to put the straps and the logo on it

kilt 7

What do you think about my design? I so love it and will wear it very often hihi


Ikea Grundtal as a form dress pin cushion

3 month ago my teacher in my sewing course left the class because she found a job in an other store 😦

I wanted to make something special for her to thank her and to show her how much I learned in her course

I thought long and hard what kind of project I could make for her.

Then I saw a picture in a magazine with a christmas wine bottle cover

I wanted to make something like this too. But I didnt knew if Birgid drinks wine or not because I for myself never drink wine and if I would get a gift like bottle covers I would never use it.

My next visit to Ikea got me an better idea. I saw the Grundtal containers with the magnetic back and I had an idea what I would make with them 🙂


Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 01

Ikea Grundtal

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 44

This pin cushion is the second one I made. The first one had to be ready very fast and I didnt had have the time to make photos for a tutorial

This Is how I made it:

What I used:

1 Ikea Grundtal container

2 different fabrics


1 wooden pole 3/8

1/8 plywood

wood plate

foam padding  1 3/4


beads 1/8

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 02

a collection of what I used


I used my form dress as model to make my pattern

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 03

here you can see my pattern has 10 inches ( the red mark will be described later)

Front and back are identical except for the darts. I added half an inch for the fabric

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 07

I started with my container first

A colleague had sawn the wood plate and the plywood for me. Thank you again 🙂

The plywood has been for my form dress, the wood plate for my container

The plywood should have nearly the same width as the container. It will be the bottom of your form dress

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 04

the wood plate will be the “filling” of the container. You need it to glue your wooden pole in it and it will make the container heavier.

I didnt had a wood plate with the right hight .

I found 2 plates which fitted very well together to get the hight I needed. (1/8 under the edge of the container)

My colleague used a holesaw to cut the plates. His working with a holesaw helped me very much, because the drill in it marked the exact middle of my plates 🙂

I put the cover of the container and the oval plywood between the 2 wood plates and drilled a 3/8 hole through all. This way the plastic cover wont break when drilling the hole.

If done, put all of it together, close your container and check if the wooden pole fits well and is straight. Otherwise your form dress will be looking askew


If you use 2 plates like I did glue both together. Check if both holes fit exactly together!

 Paint your wooden pole the color you like. I choosed white.

Now to the sewing part 🙂

cut front and back of the pattern and sew the darts on both pieces

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 09

sew both sides together

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 10

for the next step take the plywood bottom and a piece of vilene.

Add half an inch and paint it on the vilene

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 08

cut the vilene and iron it on your fabric. Add half an inch on your fabric too and cut it

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 11

sew this piece on the bottom of your “dress”

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 12

now glue the plywood on the vilene

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 13

because the glue had to dry I went back to my container

Cut a piece of fabric for the container. It has to be large enough to wrap around the top and the sides of the plates.Glue this fabric on the top.

When the glue has been dried, cut a hole in the fabric. Make sure it has the same size like the one in the plate. It helps to position the plate into the container later

Give glue in the container and except for the top on all sides of the fabric. Put it into the container and stuff the fabric with a small screwdriver in it.

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 15

before clamping the plate into the container make sure the hole from the plate is exactly in the middle !!!

Dry it a few hours

I glued the cover on the container

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 21

Back to the “dress”

Cut a hole the same size like the one in your glued plywood in the bottom of your dress

 cut the foam padding to the width of your bottom.

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 18

put the padding into your dress and cut the length. Be sure the padding is really all the way down to the bottom. Let the padding 1 or more inches longer.

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 19

now mark the hole on your padding

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 20

put the padding out of the dress and write what side of the dress it has been: back or front.

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 25

 use a big scewdriver and shove it slowly through the padding. Start at the mark you made before. Make sure you will stay in middle of the padding!!!

When you take a look at my form dress you will see I didnt stayed all the length in the middle 😦

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 26

Go back and forth a few times with your screwdriver before trying to put your wooden pole through this hole.The wooden pole should go easy through it now.

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 27

place the wooden pole with the padding in your container.Pin your dress on the padding and cut your padding to the right length

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 17

now you have to decide on what position of the wooden pole your dress should be at the end. I let enough place under the dress to grasp the wooden pole with my hand. Mark your wooden pole on the top of the padding and saw it half an inch under your mark.

Glue the wooden pole into your container and let it dry.

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 28

Cut every edge of your padding to make it look more oval.

Start with the buttock.

Cut a 4 inch half-round piece out of your padding.

Round it like seen on the pictures below. Dont cut all in one. Make small steps. Between every cut put your padding and the buttock into your dress and check it

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 22

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 23

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 24

at the end it will be looking like this

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 29

making of the breast will be nearly the same. Start here with an 4inch padding too and dont forget: small steps

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 30

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 31

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 32

now cut shoulders and neck

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 35

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 36

the picture below shows why I painted a red line on my pattern. The dress just didnt looked well this way.

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 34

Before the next step remove the breast and the buttock padding and insert the wooden pole.

If the buttock padding is inside the dress the hole in the padding you made with the screwdriver wont be exactly in the middle.

Put buttock and breast back into your dress.

to repair my pattern I didnt cut the fabric. I pinned the fabric with needles and sewed it by hand

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 37

fill the side with small stripes of the padding

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 38

sew shoulders and neck by hand too

I added a little decoration to my form dress

The ribbon is glued on the container

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 39

The chain is made with very small beads and wire. This way you can “form” it better around the neck

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 40

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 42

And now my form dress pin cushion 🙂

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 41

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 43

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 44

I hope you will like my tutorial 🙂

How to make the Ikea christmas tree fabric into a 3D wall hanging

One year ago I had so many ideas for DIY christmas decoration. But I havent been good enough.

In the beginning of my blog I posted one special fabric from Ikea. The christmas tree!

Last year I planned to make a curtain but the fabric was way too long.

This christmas I had another idea what to do with it and I knew how to make it 🙂

Ikea christmas tree 00

I wanted to make a 3D wall hangings with this amazing fabric. The tree should look like its a real one on christmas eve. With gifts and toys.

First I bought a nice ribbon for the border. Not because I wanted it but because on the border of this fabric has been to read “made for Ikea” or something like this. I didnt wanted it to be seen.

Ikea christmas tree 02

My next step has been to realize my ideas. I started with the christmas packages. In 3D I didnt wanted to place the packages side by side. It should have look more realistic.

For the inlet I cut paddings with 2 different thicknesses in the forms I needed. Every package got a zipper because I wanted the possibility to wash it without the paddings.

On the back of each parcel I put 2 stripes of velcro. The same I did on the fabric.

Ikea christmas tree 04

Before I put the parcels on the fabric every one got a nice ribbon 🙂

Ikea christmas tree 05

Here you can see the velcro on the fabric

Ikea christmas tree 06

My fabric got 4 parcels. On this photo you can see why I  used 2 different thicknesses. Its looks better this way.

Ikea christmas tree 03

The “toy” has been the most time consuming. I found this rocking horse few years ago in a magazine. I cut it out and kept it. I dont remember what magazine but maybe a horse like this is to find on the internet. Dunno.

I so love this horse. I pimped it with a leather saddle and a leather trace

Ikea christmas tree 01 back

Ikea christmas tree 01 front

Meet Teddy ❤ ❤ ❤

Teddy is the only piece here I didnt sew by myself.

More parcels would have been to much. I wanted another toy but couldnt find pattern I liked. Teddy got a bag with typical christmas colors

Ikea christmas tree 08

Here are all parts from “under” the tree. To make it more realistic I put red velvet under the tree. For next christmas I will sew an half tree skirt hehe

Ikea christmas tree 09

A christmas tree without a star is a no go. Here is my star. I wanted to buy golden fabric, but the fabrics I found were very  thin and cheap looking. I used the yellow fabric from my horse

Ikea christmas tree 07

I didnt forgot to sew little bags for the tree. I put them on the fabric and didnt liked how it looked like. I decided to let my tree “naked”.  Maybe I will get an idea for next christmas

And now my complete Christmas tree

Ikea christmas tree 10

I hope you like my tree. Maybe you have done something with your fabric tree. I would like to see what other sewer has made with it 🙂

Sewing a short dress for jeans or wool tights

This one I made last year in november. I found a pattern of a sleeveless dress I liked. I knew how I wanted to wear this dress – with jeans and a longsleeve shirt. The dress of this pattern ended few inches above the knee. Its a very easy to make.

I shorten my pattern, choose woolen fabric and voilà here is my new dress 🙂

The only thing I have to change is taking a belt with a smaller buckle with my jeans when wearing this dress  hehe



DIY Halloween costume – Nightmare before Christmas (Sally)

My godchild Sonja loves the movie Nightmare before Christmas. She even knows all songs by heart.

One month ago she asked me to get her a costume of her favorite character Sally.

I searched the net for costumes to buy. But all costumes I found has been to colorful.

I didnt remember the movie very well, but knew the colors has been more soft then those costumes.

So I searched the net for images of Sally’s dress. I found a few I could have used as a guide how to do it. The front of her dress has been easy to find. But the back has been a huge problem. I couldn’t find an image with it.

I even watched the whole movie to make screens of the back. But I had no luck. In some scenes you can see parts of her back, but never the complete back of her dress. So the back of this dress isnt like in the movie but looks well.

I printed the images I had found and went to my sewing course a week ago.

I bought a few colors I liked for the dress in woolen. The only perfect color I couldn’t find has been the purple one. I used felt instead of woolen..

Lets say it : without Birgid I wouldn’t had had any idea how to start with this dress.

She took Sonja’s measurements and started with cutting the fabrics after taking a look at the images. I couldn’t believe how fast she worked. I wanted it as close to the original as possible. And she made it ❤ ❤ ❤

The only thing I had to do was to sew the pieces together.

The “decoration” has been my job too. The pattern on the pieces has been gone very fast.  It was the first time I HAD to sew inaccurate LOL

It wasn’t easy because for ONE year I learned how important it is to do everything about sewing very precise and on my 1-year-celebration of my sewing course all rules has been off hehe. I loved it !!!





Sonja LOVES this dress ❤


THIS is Sonja in her new costume on Halloween

Sonja Sally

My new sewn dresses with matching chucks

Didnt knew it has been this long since my last post. I have been very busy.

I’m still going every saturday to my sewing course and I still love it sooooo much

Here a few photos of my last projects. I made the photos with matching chucks because I have a lot of them and I really like to wear them ❤ ❤ ❤

I dont know exactly how many chucks I have – over 30 for sure. My most important colors  I have in high and low hihi

My last project is a jacket I made last weekend. It looks soooo cool. The jersey inside is nautical as are the colors. My chucks too hehehe

But see for yourself

  4a                                 4b                       5c4

I made dresses for me too. ME with dresses !!!! Usually I wear jeans, shorts, but never dresses. But I found a pattern I really liked. Can you believe I searched over 2 months for the fabric? At the beginning I didnt knew what fabric I wanted, but whatever fabric I have seen I didnt liked for my dress.

But 2 months ago I went to a fabric market and at the end of the day I found it !!!! And I knew THIS fabric would be the first dress for me since ages LOL

5                 5a

Isnt this fabric cute ???? The buttons has been Brigid’s idea. Old fashion style hehehe

I liked my first dress this much that I made the next one with the same pattern.

I bought a bodice few months ago at ebay. I planned to wear it this summer. But it has been a little to short.

But when my first dress has been done, I have seen that my bodice has been only a few inches longer then the upper part of my dress. I decided to use it for my next dress.

I shorten the bodice, changed the buttons and put the skirt on it. Take a look how perfect my seam looks like ❤ The ribbon is only decoration. But I liked how it looked like with this dress.



As you can see the fabric ist nautical – again hehehe. See the cute buttons on the bodice? Found them on the internet.

Both dresses are the same pattern but because of the bodice I had to change the skirt.  This dress the skirt gets closed with buttons.

Over the last months I made a lot of shirts. But this two shirts are my favorites.

This fabric is a special one: one side is red with white stripes, the other side is blue with white stripes. The fabric is thin enough to wear it from spring to fall. I made one shirt with each color.

3a                3                 2a                 2

My next post will be with photos from my vacation. I have been on a beach and made over 2000 photos. I have to sort them all and choose what to post 🙂

Pimp my PAX for the kitchen

Yes, I know this wardrobe is ment to be for clothes.

  I needed exactly the width and depth (width 39 1/4 and depth 14) one of the Pax frames comes with. But  I needed also space for my .microwave.

 I assembled the Pax including a few shelves and 2 drawers. The 13 3/4inch shelves has been to small for the microwave. I bought an extra shelf with a depth of 22 7/8 inch and sawed the depth down to 20inch. .On each side of the frame I put 4 steel angle brackets and screwed the shelf on it.

The next step has been the doors. With the bigger shelf the doors couldnt close anymore.And I didnt wanted my microwave inside a closed cupboard.

I sawed the doors down to 40.5inches. So the doors fit well under the bigger shelv.The smaller doors are 22inches.

Here is a picture of my shelf. OK the knobs are still missing, but otherwise its ready.


With the larger doors I didnt have a problem. I choosed the high because of the hinges. This doors comes with 3 drilled holes. 2 holes I used for the larger doors.But for the small doors I had to make a drilled hole for each door by myself. And I made it perfekt. hehehe

The first picture shows the original drilled holes, the second one my work. You wont believe how often I measured the small doors to make it right.

Oh boy, half a year ago I hadnt ever work with a saw and now I sound like a pro LOL

I am so proud of my work 🙂 🙂 🙂