DIY Ikea Pax with extra doors (roof sloping)

I have way to much sewing stuff besides fabrics 😀

Ribbons, zippers, yarn, buttons and so on

For all this stuff I wanted to make a sewing closet

My apartment is under the roof. I love it very much but buying furniture is nearly impossible  because most of my  walls have roof slopes.

I started to learn to make my own furniture 🙂

I bought an Ikea Pax. Its cheap and I love the interior organizers that comes with Pax.

First I measured the exact angle of my roof sloping wall and heights. The width I got from the closet.

I dont describe how to build this closet. Internet is very helpful when it comes to saw angles and put all together with dowels 😀

When the frame has been done I startet with the doors. Both doors are sawed at the same angle as the frame.

The right door has been done after I ironed edge bandings on the cut edge.

The left door I wanted as three-piece!

It isnt the first time I pimped a Pax. I knew I had problems with  doing cup holes  before 😦

The last time I had to buy a door again because the drill cup holes I made didnt worked and I made mistakes.

The 90 1/8 door comes with 4 hinges. The 2 hinges in the middle are very close together.

This gave me an idea to make a template

Ikea Pax hinges

I ordered with Ebay acylic in the same width as the door and the height I needed.

I used the door as pattern!

I clamped the acryl on the door and started with the cup hole and the two drill holes on the bottom. When done mark it as bottom on the acrylic. Then I made the next 2 cup holes.

At next I moved the acrylic upwards. I had to make sure the drill cup hole 2 I made before on the acrylic is exactly on the drill cup hole 3 from the door. This way I made 6 or 7 drill cup holes with the 2 drill holes.

See pic below

Acrylic template

Then I marked on my door the sizes I wanted for the new doors. Remember? I wanted 3 doors on the left side.

I clamped the acrylic on my door again. Do not remove the clamps till you made all cup holes!!!!

Make sure the bottom hole from the acrylic is exactly on the bottom hole from the door !!!!!

This way your doors will always fit perfect.

On my photos you can see the mark I made for the door size.

With the template you dont have to calculate where to drill your holes. Just move the door with the acrylic to your drill stand and start to drill 🙂

Drill for the hinges Ikea Pax doors

Acrylic glass template for Ikea Pax doors

When you are done with drilling remove the acrylic and saw at the markings you made before.

You have now 3 doors. Iron on every cut edge banding, screw your hinges in the door and the closet and the doors are done 🙂

Ikea Pax for roof sloping 2

I’m damn proud of my work 😀

Do you see this adorable knobs?

Here a closer look even if my closet only got blue knobs. The red ones are for another closet.

Hand painted knobs

They are hand painted and I found them here: Sweet petites boutique

Because of the SIX !!! hinges I used for the doors I had had a huge problem with putting in 2 drawers 😦

There has been not enough space for them. The first thought I had I cant write in here hihi

Second thought: I dont need over 6″ in height for my sewing stuff.

 I put both drawers apart and shorten all sides down to 4″

The front will be put together with 2 screws and one wood dowel. Here a pic how I shorten the sides:

Drawer Ikea Pax

At the end I ironed bandings on the edges. To stabilize my drawer I screwed metal brackets on both back sides.

This way both shorten drawers fitted perfectly in my closet

Ikea Pax for roof sloping

As soon as I has been ready I started to put my ribbons in the drawers. I’m not done yet I have a few more


Ribbons 1

Ribbons 2

See this wonderful boxes where I put my ribbons? I found this tip on the internet and I like it very much ❤

If you are looking for something like this just google for -wedding gift box- and you will find it 🙂

I just cut a slot in the gift box to make it easier to pull the ribbon out

Gift box for ribbon

I hope you like my tutorial. Maybe you can use one of my tips 🙂


Skirts, skirts, skirts for a little girl

A co-worker has a cute little 6 year old daughter who ❤ ❤ ❤ skirts.

Good luck for her I have a lot of fabric for children 😀

So I startet to sew skirts for her. It doesnt need this much time like it does with my stuff. And its the first time I have sewn something for a child.

Its very funny but you can see which skirt I made first. The seam for the pockets is way to far from the edge

Skirt 1

the 2nd skirt. I added a white velvet ribbon

Skirt 2a

This skirt needed more time to sew than all skirts I did so far. I wanted the pockets perfect with the fabric pattern and I did it 🙂

Skirt 2b

The next  one 🙂

Skirt 3a

and skirt number 4. This skirt is the best I did so far

Skirt 4a

Here you can see Miss M. with her new skirts ❤

Skirt 1 + 2

I just “designed” the next skirt on paper. Now I have to sew it.Maybe this weekend I will have the time to do it.

Mini dress with ruffles

Yeah Its really me. I’m still alive hehe

I used my favorite pattern again ! This time I made my mini dress with ruffles

Take a look 🙂





Here a closer look with the ruffles


This old-fashioned looking brooch I found on the internet and wanted it for my dress 🙂

Yes I know I should have ironed my dress before doing the photos but I just wanted to save time 😀


My new sewing baby :D

Since my first day at the sewing course I wanted an overlock maschine !

There are so many manufacturers for overlocks. I needed some time and experience with overlocks and read a lot about it to decide what make of overlock I want.

Then I had to wait. The overlocks I put on my wish list has been way to expensive.

Once or twice a month I searched for used overlocks with a price I’m willing to pay.

Last week I got lucky. I found one of the overlocks from my wish list. And the price was fine with me.

Here is my new “used” baby


I got so excited to get my own overlock I ordered at the same day a lot of yarn hihi

Yes, there  are a lot of colors, but I saw in the past with fabrics of every color you can see and will in the future. .


Here is my first sewing with my new baby


Here my new shirt. I love this pattern. Not sure how many shirts like this I had made so far. Maybe 10 or more 😀


DIY Bags with Retro fabric

This bag tutorial I found on the internet here: Summer fling bag tutorial

I liked this bag very much because you can sew them with 2 different pattern.

2 of my colleagues had birthdays a few weeks ago.

Yes, I’m a little late. 😦

First I had the flu and had to cancel my sewing course and second those bags needed way more time to sew then I expected.

To save time I made both bags together. Means if I sew the zipper in one bag, my next step has been the zipper to the second one.

Maybe I will sew this bag for me too 🙂

Isnt the fabric amazing? Unfortunality I can’t sew a bag with the Splittie anymore because I used all fabric I had for this bag.

But hey, a gift is more  valuable when you would like to keep it yourself hihi


I changed the pattern from the tutorial a little

The original bag is closed with a magnet. I added a zipper.

And here I made a mistake by sewing both bags at the same time and made my error twice.

The fabric stripe for the zipper is too wide. Half of it would have been better.

But I have been too far with sewing this bags and didnt wanted to change it not ones but twice.

Take a look


Here my next mistake.

The original bag has a wonderful inner pocket with another fabric than the lining.

IF I sew a bag for myself I will add the zipper as I did but will make it look like the original inner pocket from the tutorial.

When I saw the zipper for the inner pocket it was red on red.

Did you once needed something in your bag and couldnt find it because it has been to dark?

This is the reason I added a stripe next to my zipper. Its easier to find the zipper now.


I also added 2 slip pockets for a mobile or whatever it will be used to.

I took the lining fabric twice to make it more stable.


At the end not to forget to use my new “toy” on leather hihi


Lets hope both colleagues will like their bags 🙂

My own design: sewing a Kilt as minidress


last year I sewed this mini dress.


I like this dress very much.

I dont know how I got the idea to combine this dress and a kilt. LOL

Maybe I’ve seen a kilt or a pleated skirt on the internet. I dont remember hehe

I searched the net for tutorials and pics of how to make a kilt.

The fantastic woolen and the leather straps I found at Ebay UK. For the Kilt only I needed nearly 3 yards 😮

At first I shorten my pattern.

I sewed it the same way like my “old” mini dress. Then I sewed the kilt and put both together.


kilt 2a

kilt 5


to make my Kilt more realistic I added leather straps. They are just decoration because the fabric “under” this front is 10 inches longer. So no reason to “fear” storm and wind when wearing it without trousers hehe

kilt 6

For sewing special projects like bags or this dress I ordered a brass stamp with my logo to put on leather.

Yes, it has been expensive but I love it

I still have to find a way to sew these small leather pieces. It isnt perfect with hand sewing 😦 and it hurts because the leather stripes has been thick

kilt 4

I made another Kilt minidress with this blue/green colors. But I still have to put the straps and the logo on it

kilt 7

What do you think about my design? I so love it and will wear it very often hihi


Ikea Grundtal as a form dress pin cushion

3 month ago my teacher in my sewing course left the class because she found a job in an other store 😦

I wanted to make something special for her to thank her and to show her how much I learned in her course

I thought long and hard what kind of project I could make for her.

Then I saw a picture in a magazine with a christmas wine bottle cover

I wanted to make something like this too. But I didnt knew if Birgid drinks wine or not because I for myself never drink wine and if I would get a gift like bottle covers I would never use it.

My next visit to Ikea got me an better idea. I saw the Grundtal containers with the magnetic back and I had an idea what I would make with them 🙂


Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 01

Ikea Grundtal

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 44

This pin cushion is the second one I made. The first one had to be ready very fast and I didnt had have the time to make photos for a tutorial

This Is how I made it:

What I used:

1 Ikea Grundtal container

2 different fabrics


1 wooden pole 3/8

1/8 plywood

wood plate

foam padding  1 3/4


beads 1/8

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 02

a collection of what I used


I used my form dress as model to make my pattern

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 03

here you can see my pattern has 10 inches ( the red mark will be described later)

Front and back are identical except for the darts. I added half an inch for the fabric

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 07

I started with my container first

A colleague had sawn the wood plate and the plywood for me. Thank you again 🙂

The plywood has been for my form dress, the wood plate for my container

The plywood should have nearly the same width as the container. It will be the bottom of your form dress

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 04

the wood plate will be the “filling” of the container. You need it to glue your wooden pole in it and it will make the container heavier.

I didnt had a wood plate with the right hight .

I found 2 plates which fitted very well together to get the hight I needed. (1/8 under the edge of the container)

My colleague used a holesaw to cut the plates. His working with a holesaw helped me very much, because the drill in it marked the exact middle of my plates 🙂

I put the cover of the container and the oval plywood between the 2 wood plates and drilled a 3/8 hole through all. This way the plastic cover wont break when drilling the hole.

If done, put all of it together, close your container and check if the wooden pole fits well and is straight. Otherwise your form dress will be looking askew


If you use 2 plates like I did glue both together. Check if both holes fit exactly together!

 Paint your wooden pole the color you like. I choosed white.

Now to the sewing part 🙂

cut front and back of the pattern and sew the darts on both pieces

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 09

sew both sides together

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 10

for the next step take the plywood bottom and a piece of vilene.

Add half an inch and paint it on the vilene

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 08

cut the vilene and iron it on your fabric. Add half an inch on your fabric too and cut it

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 11

sew this piece on the bottom of your “dress”

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 12

now glue the plywood on the vilene

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 13

because the glue had to dry I went back to my container

Cut a piece of fabric for the container. It has to be large enough to wrap around the top and the sides of the plates.Glue this fabric on the top.

When the glue has been dried, cut a hole in the fabric. Make sure it has the same size like the one in the plate. It helps to position the plate into the container later

Give glue in the container and except for the top on all sides of the fabric. Put it into the container and stuff the fabric with a small screwdriver in it.

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 15

before clamping the plate into the container make sure the hole from the plate is exactly in the middle !!!

Dry it a few hours

I glued the cover on the container

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 21

Back to the “dress”

Cut a hole the same size like the one in your glued plywood in the bottom of your dress

 cut the foam padding to the width of your bottom.

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 18

put the padding into your dress and cut the length. Be sure the padding is really all the way down to the bottom. Let the padding 1 or more inches longer.

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 19

now mark the hole on your padding

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 20

put the padding out of the dress and write what side of the dress it has been: back or front.

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 25

 use a big scewdriver and shove it slowly through the padding. Start at the mark you made before. Make sure you will stay in middle of the padding!!!

When you take a look at my form dress you will see I didnt stayed all the length in the middle 😦

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 26

Go back and forth a few times with your screwdriver before trying to put your wooden pole through this hole.The wooden pole should go easy through it now.

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 27

place the wooden pole with the padding in your container.Pin your dress on the padding and cut your padding to the right length

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 17

now you have to decide on what position of the wooden pole your dress should be at the end. I let enough place under the dress to grasp the wooden pole with my hand. Mark your wooden pole on the top of the padding and saw it half an inch under your mark.

Glue the wooden pole into your container and let it dry.

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 28

Cut every edge of your padding to make it look more oval.

Start with the buttock.

Cut a 4 inch half-round piece out of your padding.

Round it like seen on the pictures below. Dont cut all in one. Make small steps. Between every cut put your padding and the buttock into your dress and check it

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 22

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 23

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 24

at the end it will be looking like this

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 29

making of the breast will be nearly the same. Start here with an 4inch padding too and dont forget: small steps

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 30

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 31

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 32

now cut shoulders and neck

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 35

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 36

the picture below shows why I painted a red line on my pattern. The dress just didnt looked well this way.

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 34

Before the next step remove the breast and the buttock padding and insert the wooden pole.

If the buttock padding is inside the dress the hole in the padding you made with the screwdriver wont be exactly in the middle.

Put buttock and breast back into your dress.

to repair my pattern I didnt cut the fabric. I pinned the fabric with needles and sewed it by hand

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 37

fill the side with small stripes of the padding

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 38

sew shoulders and neck by hand too

I added a little decoration to my form dress

The ribbon is glued on the container

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 39

The chain is made with very small beads and wire. This way you can “form” it better around the neck

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 40

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 42

And now my form dress pin cushion 🙂

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 41

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 43

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 44

I hope you will like my tutorial 🙂