First experience about wood working

Since my last post I went 2 times to a DIY store, because I had to buy more wood laths and new tools and and and …

And I’m sure it wont be my last visit there.

Before I started this project I knew exactly what I wanted …. on paper!!! I’m a  newbie with an idea and no experience. But everyone has startet off small lol

So I went to the store not exactly knowing what I could get to implement my plan.

I found many different wood laths varying in widths and depths.

The only thing I knew for sure I’ll need, has been the highs of wood lath for the doors. Everything else was dependent on what I would find.

I chosed some wood laths in different widths and depths and went home. At home I started with the first door and what can I say? It didnt look like I wanted it to be and I found out I had bought too less wood laths You know this feeling, too? You have a precise idea how something has to be?

In the meantime I searched for tips in the internet: what tools do I need, how to work with wood and so on.

I went back to the store, this time knowing exactly what I wanted ! So I bought more wood laths, glue, small nails and so on. All things you need when working with wood.

The internet is also very helpful for ordering tools. Sure I had already a saw, hammer, a drill and other tools. Who hasnt? But I needed a tacker, large and small clamps and so on. I spent a lot of money for this tools. First I wanted to save money and buy cheaper tools. But then I have seen how much fun I have working with my hands .At work I’m sitting most of the day on analysis devices or computer. I decided to buy better quality tools for later projects (I have no ideas so far, but I’m sure I will find new ones)

Here is the picture of the wood parts for ONE door.


I got my large clamps today and started to glue the first frame. Guess what!! It has been crooked because I didnt made it on a table, I put it on the carpet. I have seen it early enough to save my work. Puuuuuh

NOTICE to me: never use the carpet again

Here my frame with the clamps on the table


and the next problem appears ……


see the edges or better the not anymore existing edges?

Next NOTICE to me: dont use an abrasive sponge at the cut edges anymore.

Because I prepared only this door, I can change my work with the rest of the doors.

Day 1 to learn about wood working has been very interesting.

Lets see, what will happen tomorrow 🙂

Start to my pimp my sewing shelf Part 1

As I wrote the other day I will learn how to sew. I still have a couple of weeks before my course will begin. Enough time to pimp my shelf 🙂

Foto 1

Bought this one some months ago. This shelf was ment to be a divider, but OOOOOOOOPS

Sure, the shelf fit exactly but with over 6 feet in high and wide I came into my living room and the only thing I saw has been this shelf. It was way to big as a divider for my room !!!

I changed my mind and when I bought my sewing maschine and all the other stuff I need for sewing plus the fabric, I decided I want a place only for my hobby.. So I placed the shelf to the wall.

Yes, you can buy some things like doors or baskets for this shelf, but I didnt wanted them all. After some ideas I had, I got it !!!


Foto 3

First I bought 5 back panels 0.118inch (3 mm) thick :

Each panel in 6ft 0.0472 inch (183cm).in heigh

3 panels are 13.7795 inch (35cm) wide

2 panels are 15.3543 inch (39cm) wide.

Above, below and at both sides right and left  I used  wood screws to make it more stable. At the thinner inner shelves I used small nails. Best way for it, you start in the middle.

Foto 4

This is how it looks at the moment. I didnt wanted to have dust or dirt on my sewing stuff plus the panels giving the shelf more stability.

Today I will start with this chaos:


As you can see or not, there is lot of work to do: sawing, grinding and at the end paint all of them

If you want to know how this continues, you have to wait till this work is done.

Have a nice day


You can not have enough fabric

Few month ago I decided to buy new furniture. I wanted to change from beech to white ones.

The reason was that the color of the wooden floor made of spruce and the beech furniture are increasingly similar after a couple of years.It looked to monotonous

So we went to the Swedish furniture store and bought a shelf in white. The contrast between the shelf and the floor is amazing. I love it.

Next I searched for new curtains and pillowcases. And with every store I went I got more and more disappointed. At this time I didnt knew exactly what I wanted, but knew it wasn’t what they sold.

I had 2 alternatives: I let someone sew my curtains and pillowcases or have to do it by myself.

2 or 3 years ago a fabric store opened next to my super market. I can’t count how often I’d gone by.

But one day I saw a wonderful christmas fabric. So beautiful! And the next thing I did, I bought it.

I didn’t had a maschine or experience with sewing, but I had to have it.

This is how it startet. 🙂


Few month ago I bought this maschine

And lots of fabric:

_MG_9121My fav color red


stripes all over


and blue with lots of stripes …

_MG_9181_MG_9205 _MG_9183

these fabrics are planned for application


Yes, I’m nautical theme addicted. Stripes, nautical motives …


See? Again LOL. I searched months for this special fabric on the top !!!


this one I got last saturday. The colors are not as much as seen on my laptop 😦  I like it anyway


See the left one? LOL.

I so love the black fabric with the formulas on the right site. As a scientist I couldn’t miss it


This amazing fabric I bought twice. I love it. And dont miss the colors. Nautical 😀


Dont know yet what to sew with this panel, but its sooooo cute. I had to have it !!!


when I ordered this for sewing a blouse, the colors on my laptop were shown more pastel. I’m not sure what to make of it now.


This is the christmas fabric I bought first. Isn’t it amazing?


this one is special!!! Alexander Henry christmas fabric from 1998 !!!! I bought all I could get = 4 yards. I LOVE IT !!!!!


and christmas again. I love the vintage christmas style


the flannel is for a pajama and the penguin fabric will get a ….. for my god child.


now my absolutly favorite !!! 5 yards of laminated fabric. I love dots, I love red and I always wanted a raincoat with red dots like I had as a child


I’m sure I am. Buying all this fabric and havent sewn not one piece LOL

But in September my sewing course will start. I’m so full of ideas what to make with all this fabric. I cant wait to get my first lesson. In the meantime I practice with prints I found in the internet. This tip I got from the teacher in the fabric store.

So I have enough time to pimp my shelf with my sewing table. But this will be another story …….