How to make the Ikea christmas tree fabric into a 3D wall hanging

One year ago I had so many ideas for DIY christmas decoration. But I havent been good enough.

In the beginning of my blog I posted one special fabric from Ikea. The christmas tree!

Last year I planned to make a curtain but the fabric was way too long.

This christmas I had another idea what to do with it and I knew how to make it 🙂

Ikea christmas tree 00

I wanted to make a 3D wall hangings with this amazing fabric. The tree should look like its a real one on christmas eve. With gifts and toys.

First I bought a nice ribbon for the border. Not because I wanted it but because on the border of this fabric has been to read “made for Ikea” or something like this. I didnt wanted it to be seen.

Ikea christmas tree 02

My next step has been to realize my ideas. I started with the christmas packages. In 3D I didnt wanted to place the packages side by side. It should have look more realistic.

For the inlet I cut paddings with 2 different thicknesses in the forms I needed. Every package got a zipper because I wanted the possibility to wash it without the paddings.

On the back of each parcel I put 2 stripes of velcro. The same I did on the fabric.

Ikea christmas tree 04

Before I put the parcels on the fabric every one got a nice ribbon 🙂

Ikea christmas tree 05

Here you can see the velcro on the fabric

Ikea christmas tree 06

My fabric got 4 parcels. On this photo you can see why I  used 2 different thicknesses. Its looks better this way.

Ikea christmas tree 03

The “toy” has been the most time consuming. I found this rocking horse few years ago in a magazine. I cut it out and kept it. I dont remember what magazine but maybe a horse like this is to find on the internet. Dunno.

I so love this horse. I pimped it with a leather saddle and a leather trace

Ikea christmas tree 01 back

Ikea christmas tree 01 front

Meet Teddy ❤ ❤ ❤

Teddy is the only piece here I didnt sew by myself.

More parcels would have been to much. I wanted another toy but couldnt find pattern I liked. Teddy got a bag with typical christmas colors

Ikea christmas tree 08

Here are all parts from “under” the tree. To make it more realistic I put red velvet under the tree. For next christmas I will sew an half tree skirt hehe

Ikea christmas tree 09

A christmas tree without a star is a no go. Here is my star. I wanted to buy golden fabric, but the fabrics I found were very  thin and cheap looking. I used the yellow fabric from my horse

Ikea christmas tree 07

I didnt forgot to sew little bags for the tree. I put them on the fabric and didnt liked how it looked like. I decided to let my tree “naked”.  Maybe I will get an idea for next christmas

And now my complete Christmas tree

Ikea christmas tree 10

I hope you like my tree. Maybe you have done something with your fabric tree. I would like to see what other sewer has made with it 🙂

Sewing a short dress for jeans or wool tights

This one I made last year in november. I found a pattern of a sleeveless dress I liked. I knew how I wanted to wear this dress – with jeans and a longsleeve shirt. The dress of this pattern ended few inches above the knee. Its a very easy to make.

I shorten my pattern, choose woolen fabric and voilà here is my new dress 🙂

The only thing I have to change is taking a belt with a smaller buckle with my jeans when wearing this dress  hehe