Am I a fabric junkie?

I had my third sewing lesson, and no, I cant show pictures of it. First its not ready and second, it will be a gift …

So I will show what I bought the last weeks since my sewing course startet 🙂

After my first lesson I checked my tons of fabric and decided to remove some of the fabric – with other words I gave it to a friend. It was way to much of the same style. Would you like to have a lot of blouse in same colors, stripes? I wont either !!!

I gave away nearly one third of the fabric I had.

But it hasnt been me if I didnt filled my fabric shelf again hehe.

But this time I didnt only bought what I liked. This time I thought about what I will sew when I’m better with the maschine and then I bought the fabric.

Fabric 2

the left fabric with my favorite nautical theme will get a shirt with white arms.

The fabric in the middle will get little bags for christmas. Doesnt it look a little like velvet? Its 100% cotton

the fabric on the right side is flannel and will be part of a sweatshirt

Fabric 3

I couldnt resist this fabric. Its nearly the same pattern as my chucks. I got 4 yards of it. I will make a jacket and a backpack  out of it

Fabric 4

I will make some sweatshirts. On the inside with flannel like the one on this picture. And yes, this will get really warm sweatshirts. If you would freeze all the time like I do you would do the same. The nautical fabric will get a jacket.

Look what I found on the internet !!!! Fabrics like photos !!!

Fabric 5

OK, shame on me. I dont know what to do with the fabric that looks like the sky. But the water fabric will be part of my decoration. It will be sooooooooo cool to have this as a tablecloth and some nautical deco on it.

Fabric 6

Yes I know. Easter is far far away. But the gras fabric will get a tablecloth too. The straw fabric will get little baskets. What do you think when I put some colored eggs into the baskets? I’m sure it will look great.

Fabric 1

look what I found last week in the swedish store? This fabric is huge !!!!

Over 2 yards in lenght and over 1.5 yards in width. This will get one curtain. I wont cut it in the middle. So it has to be as a whole. I dont think its so bad to close the curtain only from one side. Hey I will only use it in advent 🙂

Next saturday when I’m done with the gift, I will start with my first sweatshirt YEAHHHHH

Soon it will be cold outside  and I can wear my very first selfmade sweatshirt

My second sewing course day

I had my next lesson. This saturday I learned to sew a zipper

I made a pillow for my god child. She loves penguins, owls, foxes

Few months ago I found a beautyful penguin fabric on Ebay and my first thought has been its a must have for Sonja.

I choosed an orange zipper, because its the color of the feet and the pecker.

The teacher said its called invisible zipper. And she is right. If the zipper is closed, you cant see it anymore.

I also worked the first time with an overlock. And felt in love !!!! LOL

An overlock is now on my wishlist.. Its so easy to work with an overlock.

I always wondered about the stitches on t-shirts and sweatshirts. Now I know how they are made.

Today I got my first sewing “job” hehehe

A friend wants a  new zipper on her favorite bed linen. I will get payed with a cake.


1 2

Isnt this fabric cute???

Do you see my work with the overlock? I Love It !!!

My very first sewing day Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I did it !!! I did it!!!

I had my very first sewing lesson and I soooooooooooo loved it !!!!!

Before I went to the store they told me to bring all I would need for the sewing class and I did LOL

I got my new sewing box this week and put all the stuff I could need in it.

Way to much, but I didnt knew what I could need.

I have 2 teachers and they are so nice and helpful. We are 6 women in this class and I’m the only one without sewing knowledge.

2 of the women were nearly pros, who only needed some advise. They made dresses. WOW.

Not the style I would wear, but the dresses looked like the ones you can buy in a store. Just amazing. I have to learn so much to come even close this class.

I have so many fabrics, but I didnt wanted to use it as test piece. I knew as a newbie I only could sew simple things.I decided to make an underlay for my sewing maschine 🙂

The maschine is white, the sewing table is white <—– boooooring

So I went to the store last week and bought fabric ( with stripes LOL ) and Vilene to make it look more thicker. I even bought a bottle of socks stop to prevent the maschine from gliding when on the fabric. Now I know the socks stop has been a stupid idea because the maschine is much to heavy hehe

Before I started this course I searched the internet a lot for DIY sites. A lot of them made their own logo on their selfmade things.

I wanted this too even its only for myself. I wont sell anything I make. Maybe a give it away for family and friends. But sewing will be just for fun. So I ordered my “own” logo hehehe

Here are the picures of what I made yesterday. It isnt perfekt, but Its my very first and I love it 🙂

sew 3

02 sew 2

The first picture shows that I have to sew with hand a little at the site. Its where I turned the underlay inside out. And next time I should turn the compass too. I have to admit, that this little compass made the most problem because its so small. As you can see the seam is crooked. Next time I will ironing this logo first.

After my first sewing day you can count me as a new member to all the sewing fans around the world. YEAH

My sewing class will start …. Finally

Guess what !!!!

I called the fabric store the day before yesterday and asked for my course to start.

Unfortunality all members from the former course registered for the next one too. So there hasnt been a place for me anymore. But the store offered me an alternative: 3 hours on saturday. This week I dont have time for it, but I payed for the next 5 saturdays, starting on september, 27th and all saturdays in October.

If I like it, and I’m sure I will, I will go on in November with the next saturdays too. Now as a “member” I will have priority too.

Maybe saturday isnt even a bad choice for me, because some days I work to long and wont even make it right in time to the sewing course.

Saturday is my day off, or most times, so I can sleep late and  start fresh with my lessons. Everyone knows your focus is better when rested.

I’m so excited !!!! I have so many ideas what to sew. Most of it are for advanced levels, but I dont care. I will start slow till I’m good enough to realize my ideas.

This week I have been on a photo trade show. I wrote, one of my hobbies is photography. Here a few new photos I made this week




Still waiting for the sewing course to start ……

its been september and I didnt got the phone call for my sewing course so far 😦

when I went to the fabric store weeks ago they told me I will be on the next course in september. I was so excited to start with my sewing lessons.

I will go  to this store again this week and ask what happend. Why they didnt called me.

My shelf isnt ready either. In “About me” I wrote, that my free time is very limited. This is the reason I couldnt work on my shelf every day. After 10 to 12 hours a day at work I dont have enough energy to work on my shelf. And some days I have been lazy hehe.

Lets say it, I thought it would be going much faster to make this shelf. I believe I make every mistake with this wood working you can do. This is also one of the reasons I’m not finished yet. I want to make it as perfect as can be. Its unbelievable how often I had to start from the beginning because I didnt liked how I worked. I didnt changed my idea or the plan to make this shelf, but when one door is nearly done, I see something I dont like. Maybe no one but me would see it isnt perfect, but this is way too many LOL

Here a few pictures I made last week. Fall isnt really my season – I love the summer – but the colors are beautyful

  Sig 3 Sig 1 Sig 2


Maybe in my next post I can write about my first sewing lesson.

Lets hope ..

You can not have enough fabric

Few month ago I decided to buy new furniture. I wanted to change from beech to white ones.

The reason was that the color of the wooden floor made of spruce and the beech furniture are increasingly similar after a couple of years.It looked to monotonous

So we went to the Swedish furniture store and bought a shelf in white. The contrast between the shelf and the floor is amazing. I love it.

Next I searched for new curtains and pillowcases. And with every store I went I got more and more disappointed. At this time I didnt knew exactly what I wanted, but knew it wasn’t what they sold.

I had 2 alternatives: I let someone sew my curtains and pillowcases or have to do it by myself.

2 or 3 years ago a fabric store opened next to my super market. I can’t count how often I’d gone by.

But one day I saw a wonderful christmas fabric. So beautiful! And the next thing I did, I bought it.

I didn’t had a maschine or experience with sewing, but I had to have it.

This is how it startet. 🙂


Few month ago I bought this maschine

And lots of fabric:

_MG_9121My fav color red


stripes all over


and blue with lots of stripes …

_MG_9181_MG_9205 _MG_9183

these fabrics are planned for application


Yes, I’m nautical theme addicted. Stripes, nautical motives …


See? Again LOL. I searched months for this special fabric on the top !!!


this one I got last saturday. The colors are not as much as seen on my laptop 😦  I like it anyway


See the left one? LOL.

I so love the black fabric with the formulas on the right site. As a scientist I couldn’t miss it


This amazing fabric I bought twice. I love it. And dont miss the colors. Nautical 😀


Dont know yet what to sew with this panel, but its sooooo cute. I had to have it !!!


when I ordered this for sewing a blouse, the colors on my laptop were shown more pastel. I’m not sure what to make of it now.


This is the christmas fabric I bought first. Isn’t it amazing?


this one is special!!! Alexander Henry christmas fabric from 1998 !!!! I bought all I could get = 4 yards. I LOVE IT !!!!!


and christmas again. I love the vintage christmas style


the flannel is for a pajama and the penguin fabric will get a ….. for my god child.


now my absolutly favorite !!! 5 yards of laminated fabric. I love dots, I love red and I always wanted a raincoat with red dots like I had as a child


I’m sure I am. Buying all this fabric and havent sewn not one piece LOL

But in September my sewing course will start. I’m so full of ideas what to make with all this fabric. I cant wait to get my first lesson. In the meantime I practice with prints I found in the internet. This tip I got from the teacher in the fabric store.

So I have enough time to pimp my shelf with my sewing table. But this will be another story …….