My very first sewing day Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I did it !!! I did it!!!

I had my very first sewing lesson and I soooooooooooo loved it !!!!!

Before I went to the store they told me to bring all I would need for the sewing class and I did LOL

I got my new sewing box this week and put all the stuff I could need in it.

Way to much, but I didnt knew what I could need.

I have 2 teachers and they are so nice and helpful. We are 6 women in this class and I’m the only one without sewing knowledge.

2 of the women were nearly pros, who only needed some advise. They made dresses. WOW.

Not the style I would wear, but the dresses looked like the ones you can buy in a store. Just amazing. I have to learn so much to come even close this class.

I have so many fabrics, but I didnt wanted to use it as test piece. I knew as a newbie I only could sew simple things.I decided to make an underlay for my sewing maschine 🙂

The maschine is white, the sewing table is white <—– boooooring

So I went to the store last week and bought fabric ( with stripes LOL ) and Vilene to make it look more thicker. I even bought a bottle of socks stop to prevent the maschine from gliding when on the fabric. Now I know the socks stop has been a stupid idea because the maschine is much to heavy hehe

Before I started this course I searched the internet a lot for DIY sites. A lot of them made their own logo on their selfmade things.

I wanted this too even its only for myself. I wont sell anything I make. Maybe a give it away for family and friends. But sewing will be just for fun. So I ordered my “own” logo hehehe

Here are the picures of what I made yesterday. It isnt perfekt, but Its my very first and I love it 🙂

sew 3

02 sew 2

The first picture shows that I have to sew with hand a little at the site. Its where I turned the underlay inside out. And next time I should turn the compass too. I have to admit, that this little compass made the most problem because its so small. As you can see the seam is crooked. Next time I will ironing this logo first.

After my first sewing day you can count me as a new member to all the sewing fans around the world. YEAH

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