December 6 – My advent calendar

December 6 - My advent calendar

W owym czasie rzymski cezar August wydał dekret o powszechnym spisie ludności w swym państwie.

Today the Christmas Gospel in Polish.


I created my first .gif file.
Unfortunately the file is huge. I still have to learn how to make such a file much smaller.

6th December – Saint Nicholas Day tradition

Did you also put your boots in front of the door on December 5th in the evening? And there were candy in your boots in the morning?

Or did your parents order a Santa Claus in your house who always knew what you had been doing all year? And fortunately there were always small gifts anyway?

When I was little I was terrified of Nicholas because he knew all my secrets!
Later I found out it was a friend of my dad’s hihihi 😀

Even though I have been too old for Nicholas for a long time, I still love this tradition.
That’s why I sewed a panel and hung it on the door this weekend.

Santa Panel