December 21st – My Advent calendar

December 21st - My advent calendar-2

이때에 가이사 아구스도가 영을 내려 천하로 다 호적하라 하였으니

Today the Christmas Gospel in Korean.

Today I wanted to show something I had made myself, I had painted it, finished it, and now I wanted to put it on the table.
My disappointment was great because it didn’t look as I had planned. I have to do it again and change it.
Therefore today only the cars which would have been part of the project.

December 4th – My advent calendar

December 4th - My advent calendar

In quel tempo uscì un decreto da parte di Cesare Augusto, che ordinava il censimento
di tutto l’impero

Today the christmas gospel in italian. The language whose country was part of the Roman Empire. The land that Emperor Augustus served. And the language so similar to Latain.

I’ve just seen that I forgot to put a candle in the car while taking a photo.
Maybe because I was looking for this car for so long and now I don’t want to light a candle there so that nothing can happen to the porcelain 🙂

December 3rd – My advent calendar

December 3rd - My advent calendar

                 En ce temps-là, l’empereur Auguste donna l’ordre de recenser tous les                      habitants  de l’empire romain.

I searched the Internet for the Gospel of Christmas in Aramaic. The language Jesus used.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything. Therefore today the beginning of the Christmas Gospel in French

December 2nd – My advent calendar

December 2nd - My advent calendar

Advent, advent, a candle is burning
First one, then two, then three, then four,
Then the Christ Child is standing in front of the door.


Yes, I’m a little late because I had problems photographing the burning candle. 😦
I wanted to do it as best I could. And that took a lot of tries 😀

December 1st – My advent calendar

I love December with the advent season, the smells of cookies and fir, the lights. Everything.
I also love the christmas gospel. I have already had it read to me as a little girl and still enjoy reading it today…
I believe that a lot of people all over the world do.

That is why I will make my Advent calendar international. On almost every day the beginning of the Christmas Gospel in another language.
I hope you like my idea 🙂

December 1th- my advent calendar

Now in those days a decree went out from Caesar Augustus that a census should be taken of the entire Roman world…


For about 2 years I have been collecting decorations of a certain brand.
Meanwhile it has become so much that I could decorate 3 houses hihi

Three weeks ago, I happened to find this figure in a shop. You can use it to change the number cubes every day in December.

That gave me the idea to create my own online advent calendar – with photos.
So for each day I take a photo that I want to use for the calendar.
Among other things also pieces of my collection.

For clarification: I only photograph pieces I own. I don’t advertise the company or sell the objects.

I just love all the things I bought and I think it can be nice photos for an advent calendar ❤ ❤ ❤