Spring is in the air ….. (photos)

Sunday is simply my perfect day.

You dont have to go to work, no alarm clock in the morning, you can be lazy or being creative. Its my decision hehe

Today has been a sunny day. Cold, windy, but the first sun beams tempted me to take my camera and go to my favorite park ❤

what is spring without its typical flowers?






Hunting ducklings with my camera and spring colors (photos)

The last 2 saturdays I had to cancel my sewing course. I didnt had the time 😦

Today I went to my sewing course again. I could have post pictures of my new tee if I didnt had made a huge mistake at the end of sewing it.Unfortunality I need an overlock to end  this tee. So I have to wait till next saturday.

After my course I went to a park with my camaera.

IT IS DUCKLING TIME !!!!! I sooooooo love them ❤ ❤ ❤

001 005 004 003 002

Arent they cute ????

The last pic isnt mom duck ! This one tried to steal ducklings. But you should have seen daddy duck. He hunted this one around the park. After this the duck scolded for minutes and I made a photo

I also made a few photos of flowers 🙂

_MG_4225 _MG_4513



Spring photos — again

I switched my camera with my god child this week. Mine is a full frame camera, but her camera has a 1.6 crop factor. This means my 100mm macro objective has now 160mm with her camera. I really really love this objective 🙂

I went away from work early yesterday to make photos. A lot of days I’m coming home after 10 or more hours. This means winter isnt my season to make a lot of photos because of the darkness.

Yesterday has been such a lovely day: warm, sunny ….

I had to leave work hehehe

More and more spring flowers has been out there. Also many bugs and other insects. This is why I love to work with a crop factor  🙂


06 02 03



Spring is coming – Photos

Yes, its been a long time since my last post.

Dunno why, but I didnt had energy for working at home. But since one week its like I woke up. Maybe I ‘m related to polar bears and had to sleep all winter like they do LOL

Whatever. One week ago I startet to work on pimping my home again.

Yes, I’m still going every saturday to my sewing course. But guess what! I made 2 things – in words TWO – only for myself. All other stuff I sew so far has been for friends or my god child. And now I’m planning a gift for my god child again hehe

Last weekend has been the first time this year with temperatures about 50 degrees. I had to go out with my camera and look for spring pictures

YES spring is here 🙂

_MG_9938 a b c d e f g