Colors of fall and almost frozen fingers – photos

For weeks I wanted to take photos of fall, but somehow I didn’t get there. No time, no camera, it’s raining and so on. Everybody knows that when you make plans and always something comes in between.

Yesterday I didn’t have to work and because I had an appointment to play outside and then had to go through a park, I took photos with my mobile phone instead of my camera.

Because I like to walk – on average more than 5 miles a day after work – I didn’t realize at the beginning how cold it got outside after hours.

Only when my mobile phone was shaking while taking photos because my hands were  so cold did I go home.
I could save my almost frozen finger with a big cup of tea with lemon hihi

Here a few photos with the wonderful colors from the park.

Fall 2019-5

Fall 2019-6

Fall 2019-7

Fall 2019-4

Fall 2019-1

Fall 2019-3

If I look at the photos like this, I don’t even need my camera for landscape shots anymore. My new mobile phone takes great photos.

Beautiful colors of fall (photos)

Last week I made photos of fall on a rainy cold day. The photos looked like made on a graveyard – dark, depressing

Yesterday we had sunshine, it has been warm enough to just wear a shirt AND it has been weekend hehehe. I went to the same places like last week. See the difference?

My new photos I like very much. Colors like you expect with photos of fall




_MG_1161 _MG_1166




  _MG_1045 _MG_1060 _MG_1070 _MG_1075 _MG_1097 _MG_1118