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I work in a chemical laboratory because I love science.
My fav TV show is Doctor Who (my profile picture has been made last year, when we went to the 50th Doctor Who Anniversary in London)
Another hobby is photography.
Unfortunality my time is very limited for hobbies 😦
No matter what, I’m starting with sewing

2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Elly, nice to meet you, I would love to climb into your fabric cupboard, you have such lovely designs. It looks like the sewing lessons are paying off. The hoodie and Pink dress are really nice. I used to make a lot of my own clothes and for my children when they were small. Now my main sewing is refashioning or quilting. Looking forward to following your sewing adventures.


    • Thank you 😊
      Last year – it sounds like its long ago hihi – I used to sew almost only in my course. I hope this year I have more time for doing my new hobby. I got so many amazing new fabrics since I postet my last fabrics. I have so many ideas what to do with it. But unfortunality I dont find the right pattern for this. I have to learn to bring my ideas to projects myself. And I’m starting this saturday 😄


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