DIY Make a pillow look like a gift – Tutorial

Pillow Giftl 20

I saw those pillows on Pinterest last year. I liked them so much I wanted to sew them.
Actually, they’re meant for Christmas, which will last forever until next time hehe
But I always forgot to do this tutorial. Better late than never 😀

Something fun about it. I found the pillows on Pinterest first with my cell phone. Then I bought the fabric (canvas) and the zippers, copied the picture to my iPad and took it with me to my sewing course. Only when I wanted to show the teacher the now larger picture on the tablet, I saw that the pillows are not sewn but knitted.

My cushions have the approximate size 24 x 16 inch.
If you want to copy my tutorial, you have to make the bows bigger or smaller depending on the size of your cushions.

First start with the ” bands “.

Pillow Giftl 00

Sew the band together on the left side. Then turn it to the right. Lay the band so that the seam is at the back and iron it. I then triple-stitched both edges.

Pillow Giftl 01

Sew the two bands to the fabric you cut for the pillow.

Pillow Giftl 02

Here comes the bow. Sew together on the left side and turn to the right. Decorate the edge with the triple stitch. Then sew the bow together

Pillow Giftl 03

Pillow Giftl 04

Pillow Giftl 05

Now the bow should also look like a bow. Press the middle together with your fingers and sew together.

Pillow Giftl 06

Pillow Giftl 07

To make your pillow look even more like a gift, it also needs the bands on the bow.

I have tried it with different widths and have decided for this width.

Pillow Giftl 08

Because the strip on the bow looked too wide, I folded it in half. Place the strip around the bow so that it is the same length at both ends.

Pillow Giftl 09

Now hold the strip tightly around the bow and mark it with pins.

Pillow Giftl 11

Pillow Giftl 12

Sew on 2 strips of velcro on the back side at the marking. Don’t cut the velcro too small so you have some room to adjust later.

Pillow Giftl 15

Because I also want to attach the bow to the pillow with velcro, I put a piece of velcro on the back of the ribbon. Always make sure to take the “hard” part of the velcro for it!

If you want to wash the pillowcase, simply take off the bow and the fluffy part of the velcro won’t damage your other clothes.

Pillow Giftl 16

Now you have to decide WHERE to put your bow on the pillow!!!
Just try different places and where you like it best, make a mark and sew the counterpart of the velcro.

Pillow Giftl 17

If you need to shorten the band from the bow, do it now and sew the ends.

Then you can sew the pillowcase and zipper.

Your pillowcase is DONE 🙂

Pillow Giftl 19

You want to know how I made those three pillows with the Christmas songs?

I found a free font on the Internet called “Christmas”. I mirrored the writing and printed it out in enormous size. Then I applied the writing and decorated it a little, depending on the song.

Whoever made the knitted pillows on Pinterest, thanks for the inspiration ❤ ❤ ❤



DIY Cosplay Natsu from Fairytale – Tutorial

My god child Sonja asked me once to make a Fairytale costume for a friend of hers. They wanted to go to a Games Con. Sonja had bought a Lucy costume for herself but her friend still needed his cosplay.

She asked me if I could sew a Natsu costume. I must say I had to google for this name hihi

I knew the name Fairytale coz I had bought some of her mangas as a gift but never ever read one of these.

After looking for pics of Natsu I asked Sonja to give me some measurements from Alex like hip, waist, bust, shoulder length ….

Guess what I got in the end?????? “Elly, he is 6ft in height”. Thats all the information I got LOL

Lucky for me I’ve seen Alex a few times before. Otherwise I wouldnt have known is he a skinny 6ft or a muscle one or a little over weighted! There are way to many different physiques out there to sew without any information

To make this cosplay suitable I had to make compromises!

I bought black, white and yellow cotton + velcro

First I made the skirt. Because I hadnt had his size I decided to make the skirt variable for different sizes. To do so I used velcro as seen in this sketch.

If you want to sew it the way I did, dont use a too small piece of velcro! The velcro will hold the skirt together!!!

For the size of the skirt I measured myself and added a few inches in length and width. The front I cut 2 1/2 inches broader than the back because the 2 front pieces will overlap a little.

Cosplay Natsu Fairytale 14

First sew the 2 skirt pieces together. Check how the skirts fits you and where to make the cut to get the 2 pieces for your front. See pic above. Cut your front. Add the yellow bias binding .

I wanted the bias binding in 5/8″ so I cut 2 3/8″ strips

Cosplay Natsu Fairytale 11a

Now measure all three pieces together, add 2″ and cut a 4″ wide stripe. Iron it to the half. Sew the waistband to your skirt. Start at the small front piece. If done the waistband  should have been longer when you finished at the larger front piece.

Sew the velcro on it. 2 stripes on the small front of your waistband, the other 2 on the back of the larger side. Make sure you wont see the velcro when you close your skirt.

Your skirt is done and should look like mine

Cosplay Natsu Fairytale 10

Here you can see Sonja with the cosplay. Even she is way smaller than Alex she can wear the skirt!

Cosplay Natsu Fairytale 17

The next has been the vest

I used a pattern from a shirt. I made it larger than my size and added 3 inches in length.

You only need the back pattern. Cut it twice. Take one of them and cut it in the middle. Now lay them right side on right side. Cut a sleight curve from the neck down. Add bias binding on front, arms …

I put a lining to the front , but it isnt necessary. I thought it would look better if the front fabric isnt too “soft”

Cosplay Natsu Fairytale 12

For Natsus pants I used the “Burda Young Mens Pants pattern 7306”.

It looked close to the one Natsu wears if I’ve seen it right on the Natsu pics. I needed something very wide and comfy. I only had to shorten the pant legs to make it look more  like Natsu’s pants.

I cut a size way bigger than Alex would wear usually.

Because I wanted to make an elastic waistband I added 3 inches for it.

Sew the sides and the pant legs.

Follow the pic below. If you have an overlock you can skip the first point

Cosplay Natsu Fairytale 15

Now put elastic bands in your waistband

Cosplay Natsu Fairytale 04

Because I hadnt been sure this pants will fit Alex I put a band in the waistband too!

Cosplay Natsu Fairytale 03

Your pants is almost done

Cosplay Natsu Fairytale 02

Put in both pant legs an elastic band too and add  a 2″ black stripe. Make sure the black stripe is on both sides of the leg at least 3 to 4″ longer!

Cosplay Natsu Fairytale 05

Cosplay Natsu Fairytale 16

Last but not least the scarf. I used a 1 !/2 yard long, 9 inches wide white cotton

First sew with your overlock all around your scarf. Choose a long stitch on your sewing maschine and sew lines, lines, lines

Cosplay Natsu Fairytale 06

Cosplay Natsu Fairytale 07

Here you can see why I said using a long stitch. The fabric crinkles a little and the scarf looks better

Cosplay Natsu Fairytale 08

I bought this foot last year and its more then helpful when sewing 1″ lines 🙂

Now cut 4″ stripes on both sides of your scarf

Cosplay Natsu Fairytale 18

Say hello to Lucy and Natsu 😀

Cosplay Natsu Fairytale 01

Thank you sweetie for playing my model ❤

Cute little girl’s dress including tutorial

Do you remember your first day at school?

The excitement to finally going to school like your one year older brother? To know you will learn how to read, write, count? To make new friends, say good bye to some of your Kindergarten friends?

It was such a big step for me but I dont remember much. But what I remember is the new dress I got for this special day.

Now little Miss M. will have her first day at school and I choosed the pattern from my Mickey Mouse dress to sew a new dress for her “big day”

Mickey dress 3a


If you like this pattern you can find it (model 126) in this magazine:

Burdastyle Link


So many blogs I read so far helped me with sewing tips and tutorials.

This is the reason to do my own tutorial for a girls dress and give back some of the help

Here is my tutorial:

Tutorial Burdastyle July 2017girls dress

A few photos from my tutorial

Tutorial dress 03

Tutorial dress 13

Tutorial dress 15

And now the dress. Isnt the fabric adorable? ❤ ❤ ❤

Tutorial dress 23

Tutorial dress 24

Tutorial dress 25


My own design: sewing a Kilt as minidress


last year I sewed this mini dress.


I like this dress very much.

I dont know how I got the idea to combine this dress and a kilt. LOL

Maybe I’ve seen a kilt or a pleated skirt on the internet. I dont remember hehe

I searched the net for tutorials and pics of how to make a kilt.

The fantastic woolen and the leather straps I found at Ebay UK. For the Kilt only I needed nearly 3 yards 😮

At first I shorten my pattern.

I sewed it the same way like my “old” mini dress. Then I sewed the kilt and put both together.


kilt 2a

kilt 5


to make my Kilt more realistic I added leather straps. They are just decoration because the fabric “under” this front is 10 inches longer. So no reason to “fear” storm and wind when wearing it without trousers hehe

kilt 6

For sewing special projects like bags or this dress I ordered a brass stamp with my logo to put on leather.

Yes, it has been expensive but I love it

I still have to find a way to sew these small leather pieces. It isnt perfect with hand sewing 😦 and it hurts because the leather stripes has been thick

kilt 4

I made another Kilt minidress with this blue/green colors. But I still have to put the straps and the logo on it

kilt 7

What do you think about my design? I so love it and will wear it very often hihi


Ikea Grundtal as a form dress pin cushion

Three months ago, the teacher left the sewing class. She took a job in another store. Unfortunately!

I wanted to do something very special for her as a thank you and to show her what I learned with her.

I’ve been thinking for a long time about what I could do for her.

Then I saw a Christmas cover for a wine bottle on the internet and wanted to sew something like that for her.

Unfortunately, I didn’t know if she was drinking wine at all. I never drink wine myself and if someone gave me a cover like that, I would never use it!

On my next visit to Ikea I saw the Grundtal container with the magnet on the bottom and I knew what I wanted to do:)


Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 01

Ikea Grundtal

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 44

This pincushion is the second one I’ve made. The first one had to be finished so quickly that I didn’t have time to take photos for the tutorial.

That’s how I did it.

These things I needed:

1 Ikea Grundtal container

2 different fabrics


1 round wooden pole 3/8″

1/8″ plywood

wood plate

foam padding  1 3/4″


beads 1/8″

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 02

a collection of what I used


I used my form dress as model to make my pattern

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 03


My pattern has 10 inches. (I’ll explain the red marking later)
Front and back are identical. Only the darts are different. I have added half an inch

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 07

I started with my container.

A colleague sawed out the round piece of wood for the container and the oval plywood. Thanks again for this:)

The oval plywood should have the width of the container. It’s supposed to stabilize the doll.

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 04

The round piece of wood is used to put the wooden stick in later. At the same time, the container should become heavier so that the doll does not fall over later.

I didn’t have any wooden panels of the right thickness for the container.

That’s why I took 2 wooden plates, which together had exactly the right thickness. (1/8 ” below the edge of the container)

My colleague used a hole saw to saw the 2 wooden plates. This was very helpful for me, because I had a marking exactly in the middle of the wood because of the drill in the middle of the hole saw.

To drill a 3/8″ hole through the container cover and the wooden plates, I put the cover between the two wooden plates. In this way, the plastic cover cannot break.

Then put the wooden plates in the container, put the cover on and insert the wooden stick through all 3 holes. Make sure that the wooden stick is really straight! If not, the dress doll will be crooked later on.


If you used two wooden plates like me, glue them together. Make sure that the drilled holes are exactly on top of each other.

Paint the wooden stick in the color you like.

Now glue and paint have to dry first. In this time you can start sewing.

Cut out front and back parts. Sew the darts in both parts.

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 09

Close both sides together

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 10

For the next step you need the oval plywood and a piece of vilene. Draw the outline and add 1/2″

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 08

Cut out the vilene and iron it on your fabric. Add 1/2″ to your fabric, too.

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 11

Now, you need to sew this piece of fabric on the bottom.

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 12

Glue the plywood on the vilene

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 13

Because the glue has to dry now we continue with the container

Cut a piece of fabric for the container. The fabric must be large enough to be placed around the sides of the wooden plates. Glue the fabric to the top of the plate.

When the glue has dried, cut the hole in the fabric from the wooden plate. The more precisely you cut, the more accurately you can fix it later in the center of the container.

Put glue in the container on the bottom and sides. Additionally on the sides of the fabric.

Now place the wooden plate exactly in the middle of the container. With a small screwdriver you can stuff the fabric in the sides.

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 15

Before you clamp the wooden plate, be sure that the hole is exactly in the middle. Do not exert too much pressure during clamping, otherwise the container will be damaged.

Let the glue dry for a few hours

I also glued the lid on the container.

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 21

Back to the “dress”

Cut out the hole in the fabric from the bottom of the plywood.

Take your foam and cut it out in the width of the dress.

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 18

Put the foam into the dress and cut the length. Be sure the foam is in the bottom of the dress. Leave the foam one or two inches longer than the dress.

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 19

Now draw the hole from the bottom onto the foam.

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 20

Take out the foam and write on which side the front or back of the foam was.

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 25

 Take a big screwdriver and push it carefully and slowly through the foam. Start at the marked hole. Stay in the middle!

When you look at my doll, you realize that I didn’t stay in the middle: (

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 26

Use the screwdriver to move back and forth several times and remove the foam parts. Try to make sure that you get through the foam with the round wooden stick. If not, use the screwdriver again. Then it should be easy.

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 27

Now put the wooden stick with the foam into the container. Attach your dress to the foam and cut the foam in the length of the dress.

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 17

Now you have to decide where to put the dress on the wooden pole. I left enough space between the dress and the container so that I can reach there with my hand. Put a marker on the wooden pole at the top of the dress. Saw the wooden stick 1/2″ below this mark.

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 28

Glue the wooden pole into your container and let it dry.

Cut ALL corners of the foam to give it an oval shape.

Start with the buttock.

Cut a 4″ half round piece of the foam

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 22

Round off this piece as shown in the pictures. Don’t cut everything at once. After each cut, put this piece into the dress and check if the result is acceptable. Small steps are important.

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 23

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 24

In the end it will look like this

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 29

The procedure with the chest is the same. Here too, a 4″ foam piece is needed. Don’t forget: little steps and check every cut with the dress.

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 30

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 31

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 32

Now cut the shoulder and neck from the foam.

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 35

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 36

The next picture shows why I had the red mark on the pattern. The dress just doesn’t look so good!

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 34

Before the next step, remove the buttocks and chest from the dress and put the wooden stick through the dressed doll.

If you don’t do that, you have trouble finding the hole in the foam for the wooden stick.

Now put your buttocks back in the doll and then the chest.

In order to “fix” my dress, I didn’t cut the fabric off but stuck it with needles and sewn it by hand.

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 37

Fill the sides of the chest with small pieces of foamed material.

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 38

Close the shoulders and neck also by hand.

I added a little decoration to my form dress

The ribbon is glued to the container lid

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 39

The necklace is made of very small beads and very thin metal wire.

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 40

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 42

And now my form dress pin cushion 🙂

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 41

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 43

Ikea Grundtal pin cushion 44

I hope you like my tutorial 🙂

How to make the Ikea christmas tree fabric into a 3D wall hanging

A year ago I had so many ideas for christmas decorations. But I wasn’t good enough to sew them!
When I started this blog, I posted a photo of a certain fabric from Ikea. The Christmas tree!
Last year I wanted to make a curtain out of it but the fabric was too long for that.

This year I had another better idea and I knew how to do it!!!


Ikea christmas tree 00

I wanted to make a 3D wall hanging with the gorgeous fabric!
The tree should look like a real Christmas Eve tree decorated with toys and gifts.

First I sewed a ribbon on the side of the fabric. Not because it looks nicer, but because it says “Made for Ikea” on it.


Ikea christmas tree 02

Next I wanted to realize my 3D ideas.
I started with the Christmas packages. I didn’t wanted the packages side by side! It should look more realistic.
If you want to re-stitch my project, use fabric with small motifs for the packages. This looks better.
Then I painted the 4 packages on paper, how I wanted to sew them for the tree. I bought foam in 2 different thicknesses and cut out the packs. Each package got a zipper so I could wash the fabric without the inlet.
On the back side I sewed 2 strips of velcro. I sewed the counterpart of the velcro onto the tree fabric. Put all 4 packs on the tree cloth and mark where the counterpart has to go!!

Ikea christmas tree 04

Before I put the parcels on the fabric everyone got a nice ribbon 🙂

Ikea christmas tree 05

Here you can see the velcro on the tree fabric

Ikea christmas tree 06

My fabric got 4 parcels. Here you can see why I took 2 different thicknesses of foam! It just looks better 🙂

Ikea christmas tree 03

Sewing the “toy” was the most time-consuming!
I cut the pattern for the rocking horse out of a magazine years ago. I can’t remember which magazine, but on the internet you can certainly find patterns.
I changed the horse a little bit, changed ears, added mane and saddle and horse harness out of leather. I so love it ❤ ❤


Ikea christmas tree 01 back

Ikea christmas tree 01 front

Meet Teddy ❤ ❤ ❤

Teddy’s the only piece I didn’t make myself.
I was looking for patterns for other toys but didn’t find anything for me.
So I sewed a little velvet bag, put some cotton wool in it and tied Teddy up.


Ikea christmas tree 08

Here you can see all my decoration “under” the Christmas tree.
To make it even more realistic, I put red velvet under the Christmas tree.
For next christmas i want to make a half tree skirt out of it

Ikea christmas tree 09

A christmas tree without a star is a no go. Here is my star. I wanted to buy golden fabric, but the fabrics I found were very  thin and cheap looking. I used the yellow fabric from my horse

Ikea christmas tree 07

I have not forgotten to sew small bags for the tree.
I hung them up but I didn’t like what it looked like.
I therefore decided to leave the tree “naked”. Maybe I have a better idea for next christmas.

And now my finished christmas tree


Ikea christmas tree 10

I hope you like my Christmas tree
Maybe you had a great idea for this fabric too. I would like to see what others have done with it 🙂

My first apron

I bought  patterns from Burda Style 2 weeks ago. I wanted to make special curtains I have seen on the picture from this pattern. Besides my curtain there has been a pattern for an apron.

No, I dont wear aprons and I dont own one.But my best friend does 🙂

We will meet today. I have to give her the christmas gift (a bought one) . Why dont give a special self made gift too?

I startet yesterday evening and worked till 4 am. Yes, I’m not the fastest sewer so far, but hey, I’m still a beginner. I checked my fabrics, and chose 2 different cottons, same pattern but different colors.

Here is my apron:



I’m damn proud of it. I love the colors and the compass logo makes it more special hihi