DIY Halloween costume – Nightmare before Christmas (Sally)

My godchild Sonja loves the movie Nightmare before Christmas. She even knows all songs by heart.

One month ago she asked me to get her a costume of her favorite character Sally.

I searched the net for costumes to buy. But all costumes I found has been to colorful.

I didnt remember the movie very well, but knew the colors has been more soft then those costumes.

So I searched the net for images of Sally’s dress. I found a few I could have used as a guide how to do it. The front of her dress has been easy to find. But the back has been a huge problem. I couldn’t find an image with it.

I even watched the whole movie to make screens of the back. But I had no luck. In some scenes you can see parts of her back, but never the complete back of her dress. So the back of this dress isnt like in the movie but looks well.

I printed the images I had found and went to my sewing course a week ago.

I bought a few colors I liked for the dress in woolen. The only perfect color I couldn’t find has been the purple one. I used felt instead of woolen..

Lets say it : without Birgid I wouldn’t had had any idea how to start with this dress.

She took Sonja’s measurements and started with cutting the fabrics after taking a look at the images. I couldn’t believe how fast she worked. I wanted it as close to the original as possible. And she made it ❤ ❤ ❤

The only thing I had to do was to sew the pieces together.

The “decoration” has been my job too. The pattern on the pieces has been gone very fast.  It was the first time I HAD to sew inaccurate LOL

It wasn’t easy because for ONE year I learned how important it is to do everything about sewing very precise and on my 1-year-celebration of my sewing course all rules has been off hehe. I loved it !!!





Sonja LOVES this dress ❤


THIS is Sonja in her new costume on Halloween

Sonja Sally

8 thoughts on “DIY Halloween costume – Nightmare before Christmas (Sally)

  1. Thank you 🙂
    Didn’t thought about getting an action figure. Sonja told me what she wanted and because I didn’t liked the costumes you can buy I used the time till my next sewing course to find the right fabrics. Which isn’t so easy when you have the colors you want in your mind but the fabric stores doesn’t have this colors. I choose what has been close to my wish list. Except with the purple felt I’m really happy with what I have found 🙂


    • Hello Liz 🙂
      Sorry, but no. I love sewing as a hobby. If I had to sell my projects it would be to much pressure because it would have to be done in a certain time or the seller wouldnt like the final product because of size, color or fabric I choosed.


    • There was no pattern. As I had written, my sewing teacher simply cut the different fabrics and I sewed the pieces together. She was guided by the pictures I had found on the internet. My godchild still has the dress today and loves it ❤


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